Shrieking Tree
The Twelve Canons - Justin Norman and Jim Durocher

The Twelve Canons

The Twelve Canons were a horror-folk band that was active from 2001-2014, primarily in the Ames, Iowa scene. One of my oldest friends, Jim Durocher was the frontman and primary songwriter for this band until his tragic passing in early 2014. After having not seen or heard from him in years, I reconnected with Jim when he rang me from inside a mental institution in 2011. I began making regular trips to visit him over the next couple of years, and during that time we recorded¬†Volume Four: Sacrifice.¬†We had begun recording¬†Volume Five, for which most of the songs had already been demoed, but Jim passed away mere days before our first major recording session. I pieced together the single song we had recorded for it, “The Sound of Your Voice”, which was written about his mom. I then went through the album’s planned track list and found the acoustic demos Jim had recorded for each song and included them in an online release. The full download also includes several other unreleased songs I was able to dig up. There isn’t space enough here to express how much I miss Jim, but you can read a bit I wrote after his death here.