Shrieking Tree


Resplicery is a series of five short films that, while dated, is personally meaningful to me because it was during this project that I realized I was interested in film editing. As a child, I'd always been more drawn to instrumental music than music with lyrics. The Myst soundtrack was the second album I purchased, and I used to listen to it on repeat in my room (as I occasionally do today). Around 2005, I wrote to Robyn Miller, the composer of the Myst and Riven soundtracks, and asked if he would be interested in merging some of his music with the visuals I was creating.
He said yes, but specifically suggested rummaging through the old films available at and re-cutting them to create new music videos. I did that over the course of many long days, and he kindly published the results on his Tinselman web site, where his fans were able to react to them. It was there that I received some of my first positive feedback for video work, and it fueled my creativity as an editor. They're all here, alongside some notes I've made about the thought process I put into each one. I hope you enjoy them in all their eerie, black and white glory.

Dismissive-Complacent Disorder

Re-Splicery 2: Having learned quite a few things from the first video I edited, I entered my second with a bit more consideration. As I jumped through a variety of old documentary films, I noticed some striking differences in the way people were living, and I thought it would be fitting subject matter for one of my favorite tracks from Myst. The haunting "Selenitic Mystgate" is one of those gut-punchingly melancholy, desolate instrumental pieces that still rings in my head to this day.
I remember making the rounds at fan forums after Robyn published it, sifting through the predictable complaints about matching this music to new (old) material, but connecting with a kid on the east coast who understood the point of the video, and appreciated it. It was one of those spectacular moments of the early Internet days, where the revelation that I could connect with a stranger so far away was very new and moving experience for me. It helped prove the power of the medium.

Easy Steps to Stunning Success

Re-Splicery 3: I figured it was time to start experimenting with lightning-quick cuts (to mimic flashing neon signs) in this meditation on excess, luxury, and materialism.